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Piano Awesomeness!

I am in love with this Italian piano guy! So many fun arrangements and they all have free sheet music downloads!! Yay for free and instant gratification. I have been blasting out this song all night to my neighbor's delight I'm sure. Which makes me think of this:

And in medical news I got my MRI results back and my brain has not betrayed me! No acoustic neuroma and no lesions!!!! I am so relieved (understatement of my life)

I go for caloric testing in my ears this week but I am pretty much convinced that I have meniere's, auto immune inner ear disease, or migraine associated vertigo at this point.

Vestibular neuritis just seems too weird since I had the episode of hearing loss that then went away but what do I know really. I also read that people with vestibular neuritis and meniere's can have bppv episodes along with the main diagnosis.

And I'm gearing up to start the diet to end all diets- meniere's diet + migraine diet = no sodium, no sugar, no caffeine, no chocolate, no alcohol, no cigarettes.

And to be honest I already don't do those last two so I'm keeping those in there just for dramatic effect in my list. For as much as I love dieting I am not happy about the chocolate thing. So of course I am eating a pan of brownies tonight!


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Oct. 31st, 2011 09:27 pm (UTC)
Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

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