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the thinspo tumblr of responsibility

So I recreated my tumblr a bit ago and in the last week I've been on tumblr like crazy! I love it. I am trying to keep myself reigned in and am banning myself from visiting certain thinspo tumblrs and so far so inspirational.

I am also trying to remember that there is a lot of pretty and inspiring stuff on tumblr that has nothing to do with my weight loss goals and to get some of that in the mix as well.

I think I love tumblr so much for thinspo because of all the real girl before & afters. There is nothing so motivational as seeing someone else' actual progress.

I am working on keeping my reblogs to plausabily healthy girls and no one with bones showing.

In other news I spent the afternoon with my work bff and her brand new baby! I cannot handle how cute he is and I am so insanely jealous of her maternity leave. We texted all day and I miss my codependent, fellow sick of children teacher to complain to in the classroom next door.

And I am still riding my strange cream of wheat fasting high for all it is worth so I am happy to report I am another pound down and still feeling super happy about most facets of life, even having to be at work again on a Monday. Fingers crossed I can maintain the positive attitude through the holidays.

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