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Sigh no more

Happy New Year!

Having spent the past 3 weeks on bed rest all I want in 2011 is my health- and I'm talking the basic stuff like walking and being able to move my head like a normal person without needing to puke immediately afterwards. I just want to drive places on my own (I have to be honest, the handicapped parking pass I would totally keep though) and not need to plan lots of rest for every activity I do no matter how teeny (trip down the street to book store? budget 3 hours of solid sleep to recover). No more depending on everyone around me to see me through in one piece.

So 2011 is going to be all about sleep, vitamins, gentle exercise, and the healthiest of all possible diets to try to get stronger again.

The only bonus to my doctor enforced sloth is lots of tv watching has been done. I am caught up on every episode of 30 Rock and The Office and I just finished series 2 of Skins last night. I am so in love with Sid and Cassie! How has this show not been in my life until now?

I've also been reading lots of fluffity fluff YA books. I have been underwhelmed by most of them but I loved Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel and Catherine Fisher's Incarceron and Sapphique. All 3 were really good, I thought.

So I can't believe another year is here. Usually I'm being mopey and depressed on New Year's Eve in between being antisocial and fantasizing about where I will be and the great life I will have by the next New Year's Eve. But this year I am just hoping next New Year's Eve will find me  happy & healthy!

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