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Opera Boyfriend Love

I have no intelligent commentary to offer I just love this man and his voice so very much. All that trolling youtube has done for me this evening is brought my memory of seeing him after a concert to the forefront. I still cannot believe that I didn't have a camera!!!! I don't think I'll ever get over my missed photo with imaginary lover opportunity. I have my signed program to console myself with in the mean time.

This is my  new favorite thing ever:

Or maybe this is my new favorite:

and so much cuteness in this one:

And I hate to tell this Swedish lady that like the song says he really can do it better than her. She is quite a good actress though. I'll give her points for personality but it has to be crazy to sing with a voice like Bryn's when you are more of a Broadway belter

Be still my tween heart he is singing Les Mis!! I am such a dork but I think the Australian Javert in the 10th anniversary concert was when I first had my crush on a older and mysterious unattainable man. I wore out that vhs tape back in middle school.

In other news I am thinking of bedazzling my cane. I had to go back to work this week since I couldn't afford anymore of my lovely unpaid medical leave and my students are so funny about my new accessory. You can just see their little minds trying to figure out what is wrong with me. A kid in the classroom next door took one look at me and asked how long I would be using the cane. When I said we don't know he says with a complete straight face (and keep in mind he is seven years old) well that sucks for you. It did actually make me laugh which was good. Baby steps to emotional health and all that jazz.

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